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How to Prepare for an Interview

In preparation for your upcoming interview, find time to conduct a store visit and pay attention to the category of business you are currently managing today or will be interviewing for. Companies want you to have an opinion on their assortment. Keep your comments mostly positive but also provide constructive feedback for improvement. Please conduct…(Read More)

Build a Better Resume

The goal of a resume is to efficiently demonstrate your viability as a candidate and create interest that prompts further review/discussion. General Appearance – a resume should be clear and concise; free from clutter, photographs and personal information (height, weight, marital status). Contact Information – We recommend placing your contact information at the top of…(Read More)

Letter of Resignation Header

Congratulations! You’ve landed the perfect job! Now you are faced with the obligation of resigning from your current employer, and saying good-bye to friends, colleagues, and quite possibly coaches/mentors. This could be an emotional and mentally draining process, but there is a simple methodology to resigning gracefully. Draft your Resignation Letter – This…(Read More)

Counter Offer for Candidate Resources

If another organization found your skills, personality, background and profile appealing, there is a good chance that your current organization recognizes those same qualities. In today’s tight labor market, organizations cannot routinely afford to lose an “A” player. So, their initial reaction frequently is to make a counter-offer.   The real question is…(Read More)

Relocation Tool for Candiates

Cost of Living Analysis The Cost of Living Analysis gives you the city’s cost of living, climate, demographics, and other vital information. The Salary Comparison Compare the Salary Equivalent in hundreds of U.S. cities. Moving cost estimator http://tools…(Read More)

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