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“If I need a heart bypass, rest assured I won’t select my surgeon based on what he charges.” That’s what an ailing executive recently said when his doctor informed him of his arterial blockage problems.


Why then, are corporate executives so tightfisted when dealing with what is considered the lifeline of their company? Companies think very little about paying the high fees charged by outside accounting and legal firms…or even the gaggle of consultants who promise cost-cutting and streamlining miracles in other areas. Yet, when faced with brain drains, talent deficiencies, or the need to replace one employee with another, thoughts all too often turn to parsimony.


We have curated a selection of reasons that make Bayside Search Group an outstanding partner and a worthwhile investment.

Executive Retail Recruiters


We bring nearly two decades of industry-leading experience to the world of retail recruitment.


Our reputation is built solely on placing unmatched talent. We are not beholden to outside interests but only to our clients.


The costs associated with finding and placing candidates internally can far exceed a recruiter’s fee, with lesser results.


As a product of being constantly immersed in the market, we provide greater talent efficiently. We work the search process 24/7


We exhaustively search for candidates who can “hit the ground running,” providing immediate value.


As a buffer and informed intermediary, we are better able to blend the needs and wants of both parties.


We maximize the investment of seeking talent by using a wide range of resources to deliver candidates who offer immediate value.


When searches require a heightened level of confidentiality, recruiters can provide this to a much higher degree.


With constant outreach and connections, we have a broader range and deeper well of qualified talent.


The reality at Bayside Search Group is that we build our reputation on finding better candidates than companies can on their own.

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