Talent will get you in the door, but

character will keep you in the room.

Candidate Search Process

Bayside Search Group incorporates a proven process to connect stellar retail talent with opportunities that fit them best. The process begins with an in-depth telephone interview used to ascertain three things:


Do you have the appropriate background that fits with what our clients need?


Are you willing to change jobs for the right opportunity?


Will your career goals be satisfied by any of our clients’ current opportunities?

Candidate Search Process

Once we determine we have the opportunities available to further your career, we represent you, and, with your approval, submit your resume to our client. Once engaged within the interview process, we adhere to the following:

  • Arrange the first face-to-face or teleconference interview with client.
  • Arrange the first face-to-face or teleconference interview with client.
  • Prepare you for the first interview, including an overview of the company’s or hiring authority’s hot buttons.
  • Follow up with you after the interview to determine your level of interest and the potential “right fit”
  • Arrange all additional interviews, and review any concerns you may have
  • Verify your current earnings and negotiate a package to be offered to ensure satisfaction to both parties.
  • Relay a verbal and written offer to you, and relay your acceptance of offer to client.
  • Consult with you regarding your resignation and any potential counter-offer.
  • Confirm a start date. Remain in contact with you through start date and initial phases of employment.
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