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Build a Better Resume

The goal of a resume is to efficiently demonstrate your viability as a candidate and create interest that prompts further review/discussion.

General Appearance – a resume should be clear and concise; free from clutter, photographs and personal information (height, weight, marital status).

Contact Information – We recommend placing your contact information at the top of the first/each page.

Objective/Summary – These sections should be tailored to the position you are seeking. The research you have done on the position and/or company should assist you in creating a piece that reflects your desire for or experience as related to the position you are seeking.

Education – Each entry should include: Name of School/Program, Location (City, State), Degree/Certification achieved. In the event you have not completed your studies, you may indicate pursuing or credits earned.


Employment History – Present in chronological order, beginning with your most recent position. Each entry should include:

  • Company Name – with a brief overview of the company.
  • Location (City/State)
  • Dates of Employment (Month/Year)
  • Position/Job Title – if you have held multiple positions within the same company, include dates served in that capacity.
  • Responsibilities – include specific information such as: number of people managed, size of budget managed, any special hardware, software or equipment you have experience with.
  • Accomplishments/achievements – select accomplishments that represent the tangible

contributions (cost reductions, process improvements, increased profits) you made as a result of being in that position with those specific responsibilities.

[Keep in mind every position has specific responsibilities associated with it, and accomplishments demonstrate the rewards reaped by the company as a result of your efforts. A proven track record of success and accomplishment reinforces the premise: Past behavior is indicative of future performance!]

Community Service/Volunteer Activities – these types of activities beyond the regular duties of your position should also be included.

Awards/Accolades – should include how and why you were recognized as well as by whom. Professional References – available upon request.

Proofread – a resume that contains grammatical errors, misspelled words, dates that don’t jive, and incomplete information will be remembered…but for all the wrong reasons!

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